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Gabriel Smith and Rebecca Bradford undertake Volunteer Internships at QUT Art Museum and Queensland Museum

Posted on: 8 September 2011


Gabriel Smith, a volunteer with Umbrella Studio in Townsville, and Rebecca Bradford, a volunteer with Redcliffe Museum have recently completed Volunteer Internships under M&GSQ’s pilot 2011 Mentorship, Exchange and Fellowship Program.

Gabriel undertook her Volunteer Internship with QUT Art Museum at Gardens Point in Brisbane, while Rebecca completed her Internship at the Queensland Museum South Bank campus.

The Mentorship, Exchange and Fellowship Program is being offered again for 2012. Potential applicants must register with M&GSQ no later than 14 October 2011 – see the end of this article for details.

Gabriel and Rebecca report on their Volunteer Internships:

Gabriel shares what she gained from her placement at QUT Art Museum:

During my two weeks, I learnt about the Public Programs and Education Programs that are run through QUT Art Museum and the Creative Industries Precinct at Kelvin Grove. These included artist talks, workshops, digital media labs, in-conversations, book clubs, tours, curator talks, arts industry talks and forums, amongst other things.

I found the Internship experience very beneficial. I have been able to build up a strong network of people within the Brisbane arts sector who will assist me in developing new public programs and education programs for Townsville. I have had the opportunity to speak with these people about ideas I have and how they might be implemented, and who I should liaise with to ensure I can deliver a quality program.

I learnt about the timing requirements of high school teachers in planning their next year’s programs, and how to write up education resources. I have been able to sit in on school programs to gain an understanding as to what information can be included for high school students.

I have also had a great insight into the installation requirements of a digital media exhibition space. I was able to gain experience in the intricacies of installing rooms within a space and integrating light and sound elements.

I will be using my new skills, knowledge and experience to set up some new public program ideas and education programs in areas that we are not currently targeting.

Rebecca talks about her experiences during her two-week placement at Queensland Museum South Bank:

During my Volunteer Internship I experienced the duties of an Assistant Collections Manager, such as loan proposals, acquisitions recording, storage requirements, decanting.

I participated in creating object lists from the Museum’s database; retrieving objects for exhibition; creating object storage boxes; and visiting off-site storage facilities.

One of my favourite activities during the placement was assisting with decanting cabinets of classical antiquities.

The Internship was valuable in obtaining first-hand experience in the area of Collection Management. It helped me to realise that it might not be my preferred career direction, and has given me an opportunity to look at my current studies and the options for career paths within the cultural sector. This insight has been of great benefit in this early stage of my career.

M&GSQ’s 2012 Mentorship, Exchange and Fellowship Program is now open for applications. The Program is funded by Arts Queensland through the Regional Arts Development Fund (RADF). RADF is a joint Queensland Government and Local Government partnership to support local arts and culture. Go to the M&GSQ website, for guidelines and application forms or contact M&GSQ on 1800 680 433 (freecall within Queensland).

Potential applicants must contact M&GSQ staff by 14 October 2011. Applications close on 9 December 2011.


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