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On Tuesday 15 November a new exhibition was launched by the Cherbourg Ration Shed Museum.  The exhibition was a product of three days of workshops for twenty Cherbourg woman young and old, facilitated by Carol Low ( a community worker with expertise in commemorative processes for those who have difficult stories to tell) and Katina Leedie (a Cherbourg youth worker). Curated by Carol Low and designed by Peter Trail, the exhibition displayed a moving film of the process and the shadow boxes created by Cherbourg women as tributes to the strong women who gave them inspiration and hope. The Boys Dormitory was packed with participants and supporters and filled with music, laughter and pride. A performance of Cherbourg Girl by Lillian Gray brought the house down and many to their feet and young and old shared their memories. The inspiring project was funded by the Indigenous Women’s Program- Indigenous Co-ordination Centre at the Department of Families, Housing, Community Services and Indigenous Affairs.

Thanks to the support of the Visual Arts Board of the Australia Council and their International Visitor Program, M&GSQ was pleased to bring Gail Davitt to Australia. Gail Davitt, Chair of Learning Initiatives and Director of Education at the Dallas Museum of Art, USA spoke in Brisbane, Melbourne and Sydney. Gail recently emailed to say that she and her husband were over the jet lag and she noted how much she had enjoyed meeting colleagues in each state:

‘It is certainly apparent – not surprisingly – that we are involved in many of the same types of projects and are asking many of the same questions. I brought back some of the answers that you all have explored.’

In Brisbane Gail was the keynote speaker at Museum & Gallery Services Qld’s annual seminar with University of Queensland Art Museum and UQ Museum Studies Program. Her main presentation, “From audience research to enhanced engagement” outlined how the museum used audience research to learn more of  their visitors feelings about art and to understand better their preferred experiences with art. Over 1000 visitors ranked statements about themselves and art and a cluster analysis identified 4 main visitor frameworks for engaging with art:

  • observers
  • participants
  • independents
  • enthusiasts.

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