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Roana O’Neill, Bundaberg Regional Art Gallery blogs Day 3 of mentorship at Art Gallery of New South Wales

Posted on: 20 April 2012

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As Day Three at the Gallery dawned, Nicole and I attended the one hour Aboriginal Tour led by a Volunteer Adult Guide. We were walked through the Yiribana Gallery (meaning the Way Ahead) which contains Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander works from the 1950s through to present day. The group consisted of 12 people ranging from a French Nun right through to babies. The guide discussed the meanings of the works, the landscape that had inspired the artists and the spiritual connections to the land. Tony Albert’s artwork titled Hunter was extremely striking. This artwork consisted of a range of curiosity items collected by Tony. The objects dated back to the 1930s and 1940s and were created by non Indigenous Australians for the purpose of ornaments and decorations. A cleverly placed face of an alien amongst the objects showed the viewer how much of an alien the artist feels.

With many other Galleries and Museums in the area AGNSW staff had suggested to us that we spend some time visiting other Galleries of interest, not only by way of comparison but also to see what spaces other institutions had for educational programs, the range of public programs they had on offer, what their signage was like, accessibility to the site and presentation of information. With this in mind Nicole and I shortlisted some venues and also started to work out our program for the weekend as further programs were running on the weekend for the school holidays.

We finished the day at the Gallery with a meeting with Victoria Collings, Senior Co-ordinator Education Programs and Leanne Carr, Co-ordinator of Secondary Education Programs over coffee in the Gallery café. We discussed how school bookings are taken, co-ordinated and delivered, the training of guides to assist with the delivery of programs, how the audio trails for children are put together, staffing and collaborative programs, which really only touched the tip of the iceberg of questions we both had, but after an hour and a half of drilling Victoria and Leanne with questions we felt we should let them go home!

We then decided to head to the Museum of Contemporary Art (MCA) as they had recently opened a new exhibition and were open late that night. On entering the MCA we were struck by the formidable number of steps that confronted us, perhaps an architectural necessity? we weren’t sure but found it unusual when accessibility would surely be a priority consideration. We enjoyed the range of exhibitions on show, particularly works from the MCA’s collection from 170 Australian artists. We also chatted with one of the sitters in the room who had a badge on saying “Ask Me”, so of course we did. The sitter was a young girl undertaking University studies during the week and volunteering her time at the MCA. Her role was to not only monitor the security of the works and visitor behaviour but to also answer questions about the works and general queries as well. The Café was full of evening visitors and the view over the harbour at night was spectacular. We also browsed the Store which had a great range of tempting products. Finally heading home we agreed we had had another successful day.

M&GSQ’s 2012 Mentorship, Exchange and Fellowship Program is funded by Arts Queensland through the Regional Arts Development Fund (RADF). RADF is a joint Queensland Government and Local Government partnership to support local arts and culture.

Go to the M&GSQ website, for an announcement about the recipients of the 2012 Mentorship, Exchange and Fellowship Program.

Captions Images from Day 3 blog

Laksa L – R

Myself, Danielle and Leanne enjoying Laksa with what seemed like the rest of Sydney – delicious!

Sydney Harbour Bridge

On the way to the Museum of Contemporary Art Nicole and I happened upon a kind tourist who took our photo – we had to get the classic shot! The whole area was full of people enjoying an evening out, street performance and the general hustle and bustle of city life.


The front of the MCA which reads Temporary Art from the front! And those steps…

Paint Artwork

One of the artworks from the MCA’s Collection featured Rebecca Baumann’s Automated Colour Field 2011. The artwork centres on the artists interest in the relationship between colour and emotion. This is a kinetic work made up of flipclocks arranged in a grid. The clocks are battery operated and flip on the minute and hour which makes for colourful moving artwork.


Stephen Birch’s Untitled work depicts an unusual confrontation between a life sized model of Spiderman and a worm like bearded figure who’s head sits on an arm like neck. The artist was interested in the anxieties and desires of popular culture figures such as Spiderman. This artwork is featured throughout Sydney at bus stops and on banners, with the MCA running a special competition where you are encouraged to download a free app MCA onsite and you use the poster image to then trigger the intelligent interactive content. The public is also invited to take a creative photo of themselves spying on a poster to go in the running to win prizes.

Opera House at Night

The view of the Opera House from the verandah of the café at the Museum of Contemporary Art.

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