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Roana O’Neill, Bundaberg Regional Art Gallery blogs Day 4 of mentorship at Art Gallery of New South Wales

Posted on: 20 April 2012

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Friday was a day to explore surrounding Galleries and Museums to gain an overview of their public programs and educational opportunities. After checking maps and websites we made a shortlist of 4 venues to visit and the best route to get round them all.

First stop was to the Museum of Sydney (MOS) which is built on the ruins of the house of Australia’s first Governor General Governor Phillip. MOS explores colonial and contemporary Sydney through objects, images and digital means. Exhibitions include convict Sydney and wartime, but the exhibition I found the most intriguing was called Culture Jammers.  Culture jamming is the term used to describe a form of activism where advertising messages are altered to cast a critical spotlight on the activities of corporations, governments or individuals. Photographer Dean Sewell captured the activities of a Sydney group called The Lonely Station over a 5 year period where they scaled silos, highways, billboards and buildings to draw public attention to social justice and environmental issues.

After MOS we headed to the National Trust S.H. Ervin Gallery focusing on contemporary and historical Australian art. Our primary motivation for visiting this Gallery was to view the Salon des Refuses: The Alternative Archibald and Wynne Prize which displayed the works not selected from these two competitions, with the public able to vote for their favourite work. The Gallery also offers a range of learning experiences for schools and the community through changing exhibitions, tours, special needs programs and behind the scenes tours.

After a bite to eat at The Rocks we headed off to Object Gallery and Collect in Surry Hills, a leading Centre for contemporary design delivering quality exhibitions, retail and digital activities. The Centre included a Shop showcasing the best of Australia craft and design. The Centre also runs touring exhibitions with the current exhibition on show titled Women with Clever Hands a celebration of fibrework from Gapuwiyak in the Northern Territory. It was a beautiful exhibition in a well designed space which also offered visitors the opportunity to sit and read books and listen to the women involved in the exhibition discuss the process of how they made their works.

With the sun not yet setting we headed off to our final destination for the day – the Australian Centre for Photography (ACP) where we saw two photography exhibitions along with a minor showing of the works in the hallways of the administration section upstairs.

We were very taken with Sascha Weidner’s Unveiled/the Sydney Project which allowed for interaction with the public. The artist had laid out rows of darkroom developing trays with images and tongs. Filled only with water, the images were left to decompose slowly over the seven weeks of the exhibition. The decomposition process was aided by the public allowed to use the tongs and move and manipulate the works adding marks and incidental scratches through the process.

ACP is, as we discovered, the longest running contemporary art space in Australia. The Centre receives assistance from the NSW Government through Arts NSW as a not for profit organisation. In addition to exhibitions the Centre also runs artist talks, slide nights, masterclasses and provides the public with access to digital imaging facilities, black and white darkrooms and film processing.

M&GSQ’s 2012 Mentorship, Exchange and Fellowship Program is funded by Arts Queensland through the Regional Arts Development Fund (RADF). RADF is a joint Queensland Government and Local Government partnership to support local arts and culture.

Go to the M&GSQ website, for an announcement about the recipients of the 2012 Mentorship, Exchange and Fellowship Program.

Image captions Day 4 blog

Museum of Sydney

The entrance to the Museum of Sydney.

Nicole exploring objects at MOS

Inside the Museum of Sydney there were several of these cabinets with pull out drawers. Each drawer contained objects uncovered from the Museum site by archaeologists in the 1980s.

SH Erwin Gallery

The Salon des Refuses at the SH Erwin Gallery was an insight into which works were rejected for the Archibald Prize, with some being understandable and others not!


Entranceway to Object Gallery Collect in Surry Hills

Manga Pod

Nicole inside the Manga Pod at Object Gallery Collect, an intimate space that invites you to sit and rest, read or listen to exhibition information on the available iPad.


Inside one of the exhibition spaces at the Australian Centre for Photography. This was an exhibition by Heidrun Lohr called Parallax The Performance Paradigm in Photography, with the artist capturing the moving body in performance.

Photography Exhibition

Nicole exploring Sascha Weidner’s installation at the Australian Centre for Photography which invited public interaction.


The darkroom developing trays laid out in the installation at ACP, with each tray containing a large image, smaller image and tongs to manipulate the works.

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