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Example of an object file- from Ask a Curator

Posted on: 24 July 2012

Ask a Curator- what does research about an object look like?

Ana Panić, Museum of Yugoslav History is filmed explaining what research about an object looks like. Ask a Curator brings together passionate experts from museums and galleries around the world to answer your questions on art, history and science.

Museums and galleries not only house fascinating collections, they are also the home to leading experts who love to share their passion for art, history and science.

Ask a Curator brings together these experts to share their knowledge through video answers to your questions, taking you behind the scenes in museums and galleries around the globe.

Browse questions, discover museums and galleries and ask your own questions.

Ask a Curator has been developed by Sumo, in partnership with participating museums and galleries.

It is free for museums and galleries to join Ask a Curator, if you would like to get your curators involved, please email Jim Richardson ( jim (at) )


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