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Camille Serisier, Curatorial and Collections Officer for the Griffith University Art Collection, reports from investigating open collection strategies utilised by the Smithsonian American Art Museum, particularly at the Luce Foundation Center and Lunder Conservation Center and This project was undertaken with the assistance of the Brisbane City Council’s Lord Mayor’s Young and Emerging Artist Fellowship.

Week Two: In week one I was overwhelmed by the resources and size of the Smithsonian American Art Museum. This week I have been inspired by the way these resources are being utilized and made available to the public by the museum’s staff. I have been meeting with representatives from areas within the museum to discuss a few of their many programs and initiatives. Where possible I have also been participating in some of the programs and talking casually with visitors about their experience of the museum.

On Tuesday I attended a charming program titled Sketching: Draw and Discover!, which invites members of the public into the Luce Foundation Center to draw objects from the museum collection. The center very generously provides all the materials necessary to participate, such as pencils, erasers and paper, so that visitors can join with little preparation. The program supervisor Mary Tait guides participants through daily challenges and also brings the group together at the end of the session to discuss all of the works that have been made. Some people participate on a weekly basis and have been doing so for a number of years. A selection of drawings are available on the museums facebook page and can be viewed at:

After conquering the Metro rail service, I made my way to the Smithsonian Folklife Festival. The Festival is organized by the Smithsonian Institution and brings together living cultural heritage in the form of lectures, food, music, new technology and exhibitions. Located on the National Mall between the Capitol and the Washington Monument, the Festival takes place right in the heart of the city. A particularly memorable experience was eating ‘Southern Comfort Deep Fried Chicken’, a surprising American dish in which Chicken seems a secondary ingredient.

This weekend I am determined to continue my epic Smithsonian Institution challenge and attempt to visit two more of the nineteen national museums. I am going to try and tread the remaining floors of the Smithsonian American Art Museum, the American History Museum and the Hirshorn Museum. I have been told the secret to success is fabulously comfortable footwear.

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