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North Stradbroke Island Museum engages with local school

Posted on: 12 September 2012

With the new National Curriculum being rolled out in schools around Australia, there are enormous opportunities for schools to engage creatively with their local Museum. Here’s some good ideas from North Stradbroke Island Museum’s Newsletter:

Recently, the Dunwich State School teachers came to the Museum for a Professional Development session, to discover  how the expertise, resources, volunteers and Museum collections could be creatively used by the teachers and students.

Already this year, the Year 2’s have had a Treasure Hunt in the Museum, looking for artifacts made by Aboriginal people using
natural materials (a small project the Yr 2 class completed after this visit is currently on display in the Museum), and the Year
4/5 class has been on an Historical Walk around Dunwich. We are also working with the School to include a historical
component to the student’s Walk-a-thon around Point Lookout later this year.

“When we take classes on historical walks, we share stories
and show photographs of various locations through time, to equip
students with the skills to ‘read’ and imagine the layers of history and
meaning over the landscape and the built environment”, said Museum
worker Elisabeth Gondwe. “A favourite stop on the Dunwich walk is the
draughts board under the camphor laurel trees near the Police Station”.


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