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Posted on: 5 November 2012

Thanks to Virginia Rigney, Gold Coast City Gallery for sharing this post from MOMA…

Dear Members and Friends,I write on behalf of everyone at The Museum of Modern Art and MoMA PS1 to express support and concern for those of you affected by Hurricane Sandy. We hope this note finds you and your families safe and well.Our foremost concern has been for our neighbors and friends who have suffered so much hardship and damage. A MoMA curator and the director of MoMAPS1 put out a call for volunteers from the arts community and together they filled a bus with donated supplies and headed to one of the many areas in need of help today. This is but a small part of the relief effort, but we were humbled by the incredible commitment of the volunteers. Our staff will continue to play a role in the recovery, and we invite those of you who are able to join us in these efforts.

Tomorrow, Sunday, November 4, at 12:00 p.m., The Museum of Modern Art’s conservation staff and speakers from the American Institute for Conservation Collections Emergency Response Team (AIC-CERT) will conduct a series of workshops to help the many artists and galleries whose works were affected by Hurricane Sandy. They will provide suggestions and answer questions on how to safely handle damaged paintings, drawings, books, sculptures, and other artistic and cultural materials. Visit for more information on this program. MoMA has also issued Immediate Response for Collections, a document offering step-by-step guidelines for dealing with artworks damaged by flooding, and we will continue to lend knowledge and support to those caring for collections affected by the storm.

If you are in a position to help others, you may want to visit for information on making donations and for information on volunteer opportunities. Visitors to MoMA will also find a collection box in the Museum’s lobby, with proceeds to be donated to relief efforts in Greater New York.

Our thoughts are with you all in the aftermath of this terrible storm. We wish you the best at this difficult time, and hope to see you back in the galleries soon. And if you have suggestions as to how we can even better serve those affected by the storm please feel free to contact us at

Glenn D. Lowry


1 Response to "USEFUL ADVICE from MOMA on NY FLOODS"

Christine Ianna (Q-DIS) comments:
… with planning and preparedness, prevention and adaptive management, we can increase the chance of salvage after an event whether it be of the scale of “Sandy” or a much smaller local event.

I especially like the Heritage Preservation poster WORKING WITH RESPONDERS- TIPS FOR CULTURAL INSTITUTIONS- What do they need to know before, during, and after an emergency?

Sure it’s for a US audience but don’t be put off by the language- think of responders as services- I especially liked the section on WHAT SHOULD YOU SAY TO THEM? and the few talking points they suggest including:

Local museums, libraries, historic sites, and archives hold the collective history of the community.
Many artifacts, documents, and structures are irreplaceable.
Collections often have a high monetary value, in both the objects and the tourism they attract.
Visitors to cultural institutions, including school groups, can be at risk during emergencies.
Cultural institutions can be critical to recovery — as gathering places, information centers, educational resources and icons of community identity.

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