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MA 2013 Conference

Posted on: 24 May 2013

From two days at the MA Conference, there’s lots to share. Congrats to this years committee – great job! Here are a few of my highlights:

From the Regional, Remote and Community Day Plenary 2 ( download the abstracts here for this session!/session/149840/)

Planning for success and maximising the potential of Bendigo Art Gallery: Exhibitions, Education, and Public Programs
Karen Quinlan, Bendigo Regional Art Gallery

Hosting of successful national and international touring exhibitions has placed Bendigo Art Gallery on the map. Its work with community history collections and displays in the PO gallery is another success story.

Trove: Let us work with you to tell your story
Virginia James and Catriona Bryce, National Library of Australia  A great session demonstrating how to work with TROVE to tell your story using the collection of the Queensland Police Museum from ehive. You can download their excellent presentation here

From the Regional, Remote and Community Day Concurrent Papers ( download the abstracts here for this session!/session/149849/)

Inspiring case studies on ways for school students to use museums in the national curriculum

 Education Bus Tour: Connecting schools and local museums
Janis Hanley, VisionDesign worked for the Gold Coast City Council Heritage team and did an innovative consultation  with stakeholders taking local educators on a bus tour to five local museums and surveying them for ideas for the best links to the national curriculum and the most effective experiences to include on school excursions to the museums.

The history in place project – linking students with their local community using digital technologies
Tanya Wolkenberg, Heritage Council;
Eleanor Whitworth, Arts Victoria;
Jo Clyne, History Teachers’ Association of Victoria.

The pilot program partners 6 primary schools from across Victoria with local museums. Students will use collection items and interviews with local experts to create short films using tablet devices. A selection of films will then be uploaded to this website Even better the project has been designed to continue beyond the pilot, and an online toolkit (including course materials and instructional videos) will be provided.The project is a partnership between the Heritage Council of Victoria, the History Teachers’ Association of Victoria and Culture Victoria. It is funded by the Telematicts Trust.

From Super Saturday PLENARY 3: Shaping the future of museums

Dr Stefan Hajkowicz, Principal Scientist, CSIRO Futures, Brisbane
Shaping the futureintroduced 6 Megatrends: Forever young, Virtually here, The silk highway; Going; Great expectations: More from Less  and later a 7th: spaghetti governance. See the report and download here

“The experience factor is really important for museums.”

” With online services replacing shopping behaviour, museums may become the “third space” between work and home”

Panel response:  Implications for Australian museums

Emerging professional (Technology)
Suse Cairns, PhD student, University of Newcastle

And getting your head around using stats monkey software – narrative science- I am still trying and as overheard in the coffee queue did she really mean all that data entry on the collection can be done by a machine??? But more immediately graspable  the Walker Art Museum employs a journalist to curate the internet for its website. here’s Seb Chan talking about it in his blog

Mid-career professional (Education)
David Arnold, Head of Learning Services and Community Outreach, National Museum of Australia

Especially interesting for mention of an online game platform that can be used in an inspiring way by teachers and students in museums .. have a look  and get your head around it at

Experienced professional (CAMD Director)
Dr Patrick Greene OBE, CEO, Museum Victoria

Is optimistic museums will continue to survive; valued by people they serve; why else found everywhere?

Have a look at the  Museum Victoria Field Guide app

Check out the app!/ and the twitter feed #maconf2013 and the summaries of twitter feeds for more gems.

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