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Go west: last of the social media workshops held in Dalby

Posted on: 14 July 2014

By Jo Evans

At the end of June, M&GSQ headed to the beautiful western downs town of Dalby to deliver the final in a series of six social media workshops to regional Queensland.

The workshop, held in partnership with the State Library of Queensland, (SLQ) was presented by SLQ staff Anne Scheu and Myles Sinnamon over two days and attracted participants from Dalby and surrounding towns including Tara and Miles.

The 13 participants ranged from absolute novices to tech savvy professionals, but what united them was the drive to use social media to best promote and communicate with their respective audiences.

Day one of the workshop focussed on the different social media platforms and, while there are many, we mainly discussed Facebook, Twitter, Flickr, and WordPress.

On day two the participants got down to the nitty gritty of setting up Facebook pages, Twitter accounts, WordPress pages and Flickr pages.

The enthusiasm in the room was palpable with all of the participants setting up new accounts and sharing pictures, information and ideas.

Everyone left with a renewed understanding of communication in the digital age and how, even with the smallest of budgets, social media can be an effective communication tool.

Even the tyranny of distance which plagues much of south-western Queensland can be overcome through using social media.

On our way home, Anne, Myles and I had enough time to check out Toowoomba’s Cobb+Co Museum and particularly its excellent Beatles exhibition. Welcome to Australia…Which one am I talking to? was a fascinating trip back to the 1960s when the Fab Four made their only tour to Australia.

Seeing old tv screens, record players, posters, vinyl records, television footage, concert tickets and other paraphernalia really took us back to a more innocent time in our recent history.

But the best part was watching a group of school kids couldn’t believe that before One Direction and Justin Bieber, there was a band who had caused so much hysteria.

Thanks to the excellent team, especially Lisa Harth, at Western Downs Regional Council for hosting the workshop, to Anne and Myles and to the State Library of Queensland for a great partnership in delivering this project.

Welcome to Dalby

Welcome to Dalby

One of Dalby's church buidlings

One of Dalby’s church buidlings

Another church in Dalby

Another church in Dalby

Quaint and historic veterinarian building

Quaint and historic veterinarian building

Log fires keeping western downs chills at bay

Log fires keeping western downs chills at bay

The Fab Four live at Cobb+Co

The Fab Four live at Cobb+Co

Beatles memorabilia

Beatles’ memorabilia

Early transport Cobb+Co style

Early transport Cobb+Co style





1 Response to "Go west: last of the social media workshops held in Dalby"

Thank you for sharing this good news story! The participants were enthusiastic and motivated. Thank you to all who participated in the Western Downs region. Keep up the great work of sharing your heritage stories online!

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