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by Bonnie Melrose

As Exhibitions Program Officer, I love my job at M&G QLD, developing touring exhibitions and helping artists and galleries to get their touring exhibitions on the road, but occasionally when I get back into a gallery for a day during installation, it is exhilarating!

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Jana here from Croydon Shire Council. Had my first day at the Workshops Rail Museum in Ipswich as a mentee with the M&GSQ sponsored program to provide training for small museum staff all over Queensland. Thank you to them.

The Museum/s I work with as the Cultural Heritage Coordinator for Croydon Shire Council variously range from a State of the Art visitor centre with small object displays, didactic 4 sided columns of information, a small theatre with a fantastic audio- visual of Croydon’s history from gold to now with a hologram Town Crier and two screen visuals. It has an air conned, humidity controlled archive room and an air conned storage room for documents awaiting preparation for archiving, objects and tourist brochures and miscellany. It has gardens at the back with two antique Bedfords (which get prepped to run in the annual Croydon Poddy Dodgers Parade and driven proudly by generational locals), more machinery and Hans Pehl sculptures (say no more).

The four State heritage registered civic buildings all in their original locations, restored and freely open to the public have displays from modern to old style and of course, some humorous. Croydon Shire has 15 State Registered Heritage places. Read the rest of this entry »

WEEK 1 Reflections: 20 October – 26 October 2013

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What a week to arrive in Grafton, with the famous purple Jacarandas in full bloom and the Jacaranda Festival in full swing. “You’ve come at the right time of year!” is the general consensus amongst everyone that I’m introduced to.

The Clarence Valley community is passionate about their Jacarandas, but also about their visual arts, their local artists, and their regional art gallery, which was officially opened in 1988, having commenced in 1985 as a gallery run by the Jacaranda Art Society to house the impressive and ever-increasing Jacaranda Art Prize Collection. (Read more about the Gallery’s history here)

This passion and connection to the community were significant in selecting to complete my mentorship at the Grafton Regional Gallery, in addition to it being a larger scale regional gallery that would present a variety of learning opportunities and ideas to take away that could still  be realistically translated to the Caloundra Regional Gallery upon my return. Read the rest of this entry »

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