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The days at the end of last week were spent carrying out and watching a variety of processes. I am fortunate that Jess, a Conservator has been in attendance at the Mercy Heritage Centre while I’ve been here. She has been working on a statue approx a metre high, painstakingly repairing cracking paint and slowly bringing the statue back to its original condition. You can see in the photo that the statue has been divided down the centre line and only repaired on the LHS. It remains in its poor condition on the RHS. as it will be used as a ‘before and after’ exhibit. While watching Jess work, I was able to speak with her and get advice on reframing old photographs. After listening to Jess’s advice, I may now have the courage to try my hand at changing the backing mats, cleaning the glass inside of the frames, re-securing and re-taping the photographs back into their original frames.

The All Hallows’ School Archivist and myself had a workshop with Peter Connell on Exhibition Planning. A School display is set up in the Temporary exhibition space in the Mercy Hertage Centre (MHC) twice per year. The School Archivist is planning a temporary exhibition involving the history of the School and the influence of the Sisters of Mercy in the life of the community as well as its past students. Students will gain knowledge and links to their heritage through the displays. It is quite a large task to organise even a small scale exhibition.  This is where the Exhibition Plan comes to the fore. The document is the reference for listing which items will be displayed, where the items will be displayed, how much space is required, and the content for the wall mounted signage information panels plus the wording for the smaller text labels. I found this a very valuable and interesting exercise – especially after seeing the 26 different displays set up in the Mercy Heritage Centre. This would have been a massive task to organise.

Another interesting project I’ve been carrying out with guidance from Helen James, is developing Oject Files. On Friday afternoon we visited the Bardon Novitiate ( once home of the ‘Novice’ Sisters of Mercy – hence the name) to view items that may be appropriate as pieces for the Mercy Heritage Centre. We were fortunate to discover quite a few interesting items. I have now completed the project by documenting the objects, photographing each piece, creating Object Files and researching information on some of the pieces. What did we ever do without the Internet!

M&GSQ’s 2013 Mentorship, Exchange and Fellowship Program is funded by Arts Queensland through the Regional Arts Development Fund (RADF). RADF is a joint Queensland Government and Local Government partnership to support local arts and culture.

See M&GSQ’s website, for more information about the Mentorship, Exchange and Fellowship Program.

The Mercy Heritage Centre is a a social history museum located in a school campus as is my small museum. This makes my learning experience totally relevant to my position.  My initial introduction to the Mercy Heritage Centre collection is one of awe. It is a large collection relating the journey and history of the Brisbane Congregation of the Sisters of Mercy.
 StorageStorage practices and collection management have been the focus of the first two days of my Mentorship at the Mercy Heritage Centre. Peter Connell, Helen James and Sr Pauline have really made me feel very welcome. The focus and learning have addressed areas relevant to my topics of special interest. The staff’s experience with storage of collection items, has given me insight and sometimes simple solutions for various storage issues I’ve had. It’s great to be part of, albeit for a short time, a professional museum team, in a fully set up museum. The realisation of just how far I have yet to go to get to anywhere near their stage of development is very daunting – but also exciting to see what the final product can be developed into. They have so much knowledge and information to impart. I feel like a sponge – immersed in and soaking up all the information I can. Read the rest of this entry »

Anita Meale, Curator, Corporation of the Sisters of Mercy of the Diocese of Townsville

Anita Meale, Curator at the Corporation of the Sisters of Mercy of the Diocese of Townsville, has completed a successful Museum Mentorship with the Mercy Heritage Centre in Brisbane as a result of  a successful application to M&GSQ’s pilot 2011 Mentorship, Exchange and Fellowship Program.

The Mercy Heritage Centre is a social history museum exploring the lives and work of the Sisters of Mercy Brisbane Congregation within a significant building. It celebrated 150 years in 2011 with the completion of three stages of redevelopment and 26 new exhibitions.

Anita discusses the success of her placement:

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Mercy Heritage Centre, Wednesday 18 May 2011

Peer Talk 2011: An Exhibition Review was conducted most successfully with the courageous participation of Mercy Heritage Centre and honest reflections of a panel of exhibition reviewers for International Museums Day, 18 May 2011.  Peer Talk is designed to help build a culture of constructive exhibition criticism in the museum and gallery sector. This was the seventh presented by M&GSQ since 2001. These events are based on the work of Kathleen McLean and the Read the rest of this entry »

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