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During my mentorship at Logan Art Gallery I have had the opportunity to do again the two day Art and Alzheimer’s (A&A) training offered by the National Art Gallery.   Dogwood Crossing, Miles hosted training in conjunction with our local Queensland Health providers and have gone on to establish a program with the high care facility Milton House with  between three and five residence attending sessions monthly.  However I have found presenting these workshops very challenging, being much more at home presenting children’s programs.

Attending the resent training at the Logan Art Gallery has given me the chance to re-visit the key concepts on which the program is based and a few things really gelled for me.  Each A&A session is built around the verbs OBSERVE, DESCRIBE, INTERPRET and CONNECT.  On the second day we broke up into groups to do some practice tours, firstly as if we were a group not affected by dementia.  As we discussed the chosen work with each other we could see ourselves flying through the session structure in a matter of a few sentences – observing and describing then jumping straight to interpreting and connecting.  It suddenly clicked that we are doing exactly the same thing anyone would do in a guided conversation about art but with our A&A participants we just need to slow the whole process down. Read the rest of this entry »


On 14- 15 June,  M&GSQ staff, Debra Beattie and  Ann Baillie were privileged to attend a two day workshop at Toowoomba Regional Art Gallery run by Adriane Boag and Sally Collignon from the National Gallery of Australia. The Art and Alzheimer’s Training Workshop is designed for arts and health professionals, volunteers and carers and supports regional gallery and aged care facilities to develop their own gallery program for people living with dementia and their carers.  At the workshop we listened to a talk on Dementia from Ann Bingham, viewed demonstration tours conducted by Adriane Boag with visiting groups from a local aged care facility, learned about communication techniques, planned a gallery tour and brainstormed approaches to developing sustainable programs  at  the Toowoomba and Warwick regional galleries.

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Emma Bain, Director, Redland Art Gallery

Emma Bain, a successful recipient of M&GSQ’s pilot 2011 Mentorship, Exchange and Fellowship Program, has been increasing her knowledge of travelling exhibitions at a national level during her Mentorship at the National Gallery of Australia, ACT. Emma is Director of the Redland Art Gallery.

Emma shares her experiences of her Gallery Mentorship:

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Anna Thurgood, Exhibitions Curator (currently Acting Director), Artspace Mackay

Anna Thurgood had a valuable opportunity to observe gallery practice at a national level during her Mentorship with the National Gallery of Australia in Canberra, as a result of her successful application to M&GSQ’s pilot 2011 Mentorship, Exchange and Fellowship Program. Anna is Exhibitions Curator (currently Acting Director) at Artspace Mackay.

Anna talks about what she gained from the Mentorship:

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Holly Grech-Fitzgerald, Curator, University Art Collection, Central Queensland University, Rockhampton

Another successful applicant to M&GSQ’s pilot 2011 Mentorship, Exchange and Fellowship Program, Holly Grech-Fitzgerald, has returned from her Gallery Mentorship with the National Gallery of Australia in Canberra. Holly is Curator of the University Art Collection, Central Queensland University, Rockhampton.

The Mentorship, Exchange and Fellowship Program is being offered again for 2012. Potential applicants must register with M&GSQ no later than 14 October 2011 – see the end of this article for details.

Holly talks about the success of her placement:

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